Class Information and Schedule

Are you intrigued by some of the art and how it is created?  Maybe you have an idea of your own that you think you might like to try…. or perhaps you are just curious.  A needle felting class might be something you might like to try.  Please check the schedule and the locations below and see if a class might work for you.  We tend to have alot of fun in class and sometimes students see  projects go in directions they  never thought possible.  Many of the students feel that they are not all that artistic, but no one said you had to be ….just come and enjoy learning needle felting and enjoy the camaraderie.  Hope to see you soon!!!

Schedule Of Needle Felting Classes

I am constantly adding new classes.  Checkout my current list of classes below to see which of our classes interest you.

The Knitting Diva

Below is the current class schedule.

Santa’s and Snowmen
Always a fun theme, last year we had more Santas, the year before more snowmen but who knows …. Either one can make a wonderful gift or you can add it to your own pile of decorations.  They are fun and will be a wonderful way to celebrate the Christmas Season.
December 1 & 2
11am – 3pm

Holiday Stab & Gab – Dec 14th  2PM – 4PM – I am still working out the details, but our
Stab & Gab will be less work and more refreshments!  Bring the usual stuff to do and/or just sit and share some goodies with your fellow “stabbers” …open to all.   Hope you can come and make it more special.  I will keep you posted…..

“Stab & Gab” -While not a workshop or class it is a great way to get extra help to start or finish a project with fellow needle felters.  At this location it is the 2nd Thursday of each month from 2pm – 4pm and the cost is $10 for the session

To register for class, please contact The Knitting Diva directly:

The Knitting Diva
61 N Merrimon Ave
Reynolds Village
Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 555-5555

The Wool Room

Below is the current class schedule:

Holiday Ornaments Using Cookie Cutters
Trying to get the holiday ornaments and gifts started early.  – That time of year is getting closer and will be here before we know it, so let’s get started on our gift giving ideas.  Holiday ornament class will be using some cookie cutters for a little “help” in designing some unique gift ornaments, and of course sculpting things like Santa Heads and Snowmen heads are also a possibility.  No matter who is on your list …we can come up with something special for them and quick for you.
November 17th
10am – 3pm

“Stab & Gab” -While not a workshop or class it is a great way to get extra help to start or finish a project with fellow needle felters.  At this location it is the 1st Friday of each month from 6pm – 8pm and the cost is $10

To register for class , please call The Wool Room directly.

The Wool Room
630 Boxcar St.
Hendersonville, NC 28792


Classes At Other Locations

I occasionally am invited to teach workshops at other locations or for special events.  See below for details.

Yummi Yarns

New Schedule Coming Soon ….Stay tuned!

17 West Main St
Burnsville, NC 28714
828-682-0418 or


Private Classes 

Private classes are available in my studio.  Please contact me for more information. ($25/hr)