Class Information and Schedule

Are you intrigued by some of the art and how it is created?  Maybe you have an idea of your own that you think you might like to try…. or perhaps you are just curious.  A needle felting class might be something you might like to try.  Please check the schedule and the locations below and see if a class might work for you.  We tend to have alot of fun in class and sometimes students see  projects go in directions they  never thought possible.  Many of the students feel that they are not all that artistic, but no one said you had to be ….just come and enjoy learning needle felting and enjoy the camaraderie.  Hope to see you soon!!!

Schedule Of Needle Felting Classes

I am constantly adding new classes.  Checkout my current list of classes below to see which of our classes interest you.

Klay Hawk Studio 

Create A Fall Fiber Painting

Learn to use fibers to “paint” a fall picture.  We will be starting with a prefelt base (sheet of partially felted wool), a simple photo or design of your choice – perhaps a single focal item and a simple background – you choose and bring with you   Please enlarge your photo ahead of time to apprx 8 x 10…it will make it easier to use it as a reference. Then, using our fibers and needles we will try and recreate our picture in fiber (and of course use our creative license! )  There will be an extra $5 charge for the prefelt sheet (if needed)
Friday September 21st  11 – 4pm 
Cost of Class – $50

Pumpkin Centerpieces

Create a centerpiece that you can use each fall for your table to greet the holiday season.  We will be starting with a core ball approx 8” in diameter, and then adding our fall pumpkin colors to it.  Then it’s up to you …we will be adding leaves, vines, and perhaps a creative base to place our pumpkin on.  You can make your pumpkin as sedate or ornate as you want.  Put on your thinking caps.  I am working on getting the core balls and will let you know the cost as it becomes available.  If you wish to make your own that is OK too.  Just remember that we need it to be about 8”in diameter ….any questions, contact me.
Friday and Saturday October 19th & 20th 11am – 3pm each day
Cost of class $75 (plus cost of core ball if needed)

Monster Class –

Back by popular demand – it’s our Monster class.  Come and create your own “monster”.  It can be any shape or size and even help you work on your other facial techniques, such as eyes and noses, etc.  Play around with color and unusual body shapes too.  The creature that comes out of this will be your own for sure!!
Friday and Saturday November 9th & 10th 11am – 3pm each day
Cost of class – $75

Stab & Gab is the same schedule as The Kntting Diva was – (different place) at my studio at my home in Candler.  The second Thursday of each month from 12pm – 3pm.  Being there once a month will give everyone access to fiber, supplies, etc., also.  The address is 18 Carolyn Dr. in Candler.  Your GPS will get you there, I am about 3 miles from Smokey Park Hwy. The cost is $15 per session

 To Register for classes at this location, you need to contact me directly – I will be keeping all the lists for the classes at this location  contact me at or call me at 516-527-4633.   Classes must be paid for in advance, check, cash or credit card (Visa/MC only).
Payment can be mailed to:
Irene Heckel Originals
18 Carolyn Dr.
Candler NC 28715
 If for some reason you have paid for class and cannot attend, I will gladly move you to another class of your choice.  Contact me if any questions or you need to make other payment arrangements and I will do what I can.

Klay Hawk Studio
41 Hawkins Dr.
Leicester, NC 28748
contact Irene Heckel-Volpe 516-527-4633

The Wool Room

Below is the current class schedule:

The Kitchen Witch Doll Class  (2 Day Class – see below)

We all need one of these in our kitchen.  (See description in Klay Hawk schedule).  Anyway, I think it will be fun to focus on the character and use some imagination to make each witch special.  Google “kitchen witches” and get some ideas… we will be using a wire armature, sculpt a head, and costume using whatever you would like …perhaps some favorite fabric to drape over the armature.  We will not be worrying so much about the body as it will be covered. I think we will have some wild witches (of the good sort!!), and also some interesting versions of the “broomstick”.  Check out some old unused kitchen utensils for inspiration!!
Friday and Saturday September 28th & 29th 10am – 2pm each day

Create A Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin season, so time to create a few for our homes.  We will be starting with a core ball and then adding our fall pumpkin colors to it.  Then it’s up to you …we will be adding leaves, vines, and perhaps a creative base to place our pumpkin on.  You can make your pumpkin as sedate or ornate as you want.  Put on your thinking caps.  If you are thinking of a larger pumpkin for your table, please let MaryJo know so she can put aside some core wool balls for you to purchase, and then you can add your colors to it.

“Stab & Gab” -While not a workshop or class it is a great way to get extra help to start or finish a project with fellow needle felters.  At this location it is the 1st Friday of each month from 6pm – 8pm and the cost is $10 I know that I do not require registration for Stab & Gab, but if possible , please let myself or Mary Jo know if you can or can’t make it.  I travel about 35 minutes to get there, and Mary Jo re-opens her store to let us use it for our session and  there have been some Fridays that no one came.  I would like to avoid the trip if this is the case and I am sure that Mary Jo would also appreciate it also.  I love Stab & Gab, and this is not always the case, but I am asking that you please consider letting us know….thanks in advance for understanding!!

To register for class , please call The Wool Room directly.

The Wool Room
630 Boxcar St.
Hendersonville, NC 28792


Classes At Other Locations

I occasionally am invited to teach workshops at other locations or for special events.  See below for details.

Toe River Arts Council
269 Oak Ave, Spruce Pine, NC
(Coinciding with the Exhibit “Not  To Be Toyed With) 

“Create a Gnome Using Needle Felting”
Saturday, September 8 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Come and create a cute (or maybe not so cute!) gnome character for
yourself or a special someone. Great way to practice use of shapes and
colors to create your character!
Class fee $55
All materials included
Minimum of 3 people
Bring your lunch
Registration Deadline September 5

Friday, September 14 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
“Needle Felting an Apple With Character”
Friday, September 14  Rescheduled  Sept 22nd 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Just in time for apple season! Learn to needle felt an apple using different shades of
green and red…then add a “face” to give it some personality. Great way to introduce
yourself to the art of needle felted sculpture.
Class fee $55
All materials included
Minimum of 3 people, maximum of 6
Bring your lunch
Registration Deadline September 11

Sally Morgan Guérard, 828-688-2149 or email:

FENCE (Foothills Equestrian Nature Center)
3381 Hunting Country Road, Tryon, NC 28782

Aug 18, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Get artsy at FENCE with a needle felted “painting” class. Talented fiber artist, Irene Heckel, will lead the class in creating a beautiful felted painting from the pet picture of their choice. This class has limited space so please call FENCE to register. There is a $60 fee for this class-all supplies are included with the fee.  SOLD OUT!!

Yummi Yarns

New Schedule Coming Soon ….Stay tuned!

17 West Main St
Burnsville, NC 28714
828-682-0418 or


Private Classes 

Private classes are available in my studio.  Please contact me for more information. ($25/hr)