The Teddy Bear has been with us since 1902.  It has also been one of the few childhood playthings that have stood the test of time … your grandparents or even great grandparents had one, and even now in the age of technology it is a shared love.  There are not many childhood playthings that translate over the generations.  They bring comfort and companionship to young and old.

Artist teddy bears have been around since 1984.  They differ from the everyday teddy bear in the sense that they are created by artists specifically for adults to appreciate and admire as works of soft sculpture art (and the occasional hug).  They are usually made of the  finest materials such as mohair, alpaca, and wool fabrics.  Much love and care goes into these teddies and they are wonderful collectible works of art too.

In fact, when I first started making artist bears in 1986, my first “brochure” called them “The Huggable Collectible”.  When you think about it …there are not too many collectibles that are around that are huggable !

I still enjoy making artist teddy bears.  Each one brings me pleasure and puts a smile on my face.  I hope that one of my bears can do that for you.  Please check my “For Sale” page or the Teddy Bear Gallery to find a special bear for your collection.