Do you have a special stuffed friend that is is need of some repair and TLC?  Check our repair gallery photos and see if any of the damage looks “familiar”.

I have done repairs on antique teddy bears as well as more modern pieces –  Pieces that have suffered the test of time, hugs and love and also pieces that have suffered some kind of “trauma”, such as the loss of an eye, or an open seam – even the loss of some stuffing. Sometimes what is needed is a gentle cleaning to bring out the best in an old friend

Regardless, if you think you would like to see your friend restored or repaired (… and yes, there is a difference!), please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to take a look either in person, or by photo to see what can be done.  I will give an estimate on the cost which is based on time and materials and repair skills needed. 

(Repair charges start with a minimum of $20)